Sunday Reflection


Good Morning Dear Friends ~

spirit 1What an amazing picture ~ 

What I see in this picture is God hands giving us the chance to know the Holy Spirit.

What do you see ?

The Ultimate Gift

The biggest gift of all, however, is not each other, and is not nature, or the universe, or family, or even life itself. The biggest gift in all of existence is that we are given the Giver – the same Greatest One who was Job’s only satisfaction and Moses’ only strength is now given to humankind. God chooses not only to put up with us, but to be with us. That’s what all this Jesus talk means – that’s why Jesus matters. He is, in Christmas-talk, “God-with-us”, Immanuel. That is the gift of Jesus.

But Jesus is not walking among us today. So another gift has been given – God in yet another way, the divine Spirit through whom Christ is still in effect right here and now. This Spirit leads, shapes, empowers, and gives us joy. The gift a Christian lives in every day, most fundamentally, is the Holy Spirit.

What a gift it is to know the Holy Spirit, or should I say getting to know the Spirit.

It is a very powerful and awakening to think you are somewhat humble, then you realize you are becoming to know humility through the Holy Spirit.  Each time I read about the Spirit I become more humble.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Enjoy it to your fullest –

Until next Sunday ~

Much love,


Sunday Reflection


Good Morning dear Friends ~

The Spirit’s Work of Freedom


We are all destined, designed, created to be free. But we forge chains for ourselves and each other, corrupting our freedom till it isn’t freedom anymore. Only someone who isn’t bound by the mess can free us from it. That’s where Christ comes in. And, after Christ arose, it’s where the Spirit comes in. The Spirit’s sent from Christ to humanity, blown on us by Jesus. The Spirit makes us able to take part in God’s work in the world. And makes it personal. The Gospel becomes mine to spread. The Kingdom becomes my vision for living. God’s hope for all becomes my hope for all. God’s sorrow over peoples’ situations and deeds becomes mine, too. If the Spirit has me, God is not distant but up-close and real. This new freedom isn’t something we ‘have’ or possess; it’s something that has us just as the Spirit does. The human spirit soars because of the Spirit; otherwise it is still bound to the ground.


My favorite is “If the Spirit has me, God is not distant but up-close and real.”

I am feeling this especially now in my life ~ after going through another round of liver problems, and having yet another tube inserted into me which I realize is for healing of the liver, but still having to deal with this ordeal all over again.  I have become so much closer to God.  I know this is the work of the Spirit, and for this I am truly grateful.

Blessings to you my dear friends.

Much love,


Last update on the Office/TV Room


Hi Friends ~

One more update – everything is off the walls, and it’s happening ~ yes tomorrow starts the painting ~ So excited to see how it looks.

office 12

A few more shots of the empty walls ~


office 11

office 13

I know what you are thinking ~ “that looks like the color of her walls now”  It is so much softer and a better paint ~ It’s Benjamin Moore Shale ~ I love it ~

Also the material for the couch is behind the color swatch.

Good that I had a bit of time waiting for everything to be finished, because I have decided to add a bit of blue into this room too.

Two materials I like ~ I ordered 1 yard of each and will see which one looks best for the curtains.

I purchased this from an online store Craftsy best prices only $10.98 a yard and the 5″x 5″ squares were only $9.00  ~ you receive 42 squares.  This will be enough for a pillow and a few other projects for the room.

I also purchased the rug and the storage bench (using this as the coffee table and storage for the pillows and sheets for the queen sleeper sofa.)

The rug and storage bench were purchased at Wayfair ~


My next post will be a completed Office/TV room.

Till then –

Much love,


Sunday Reflection



holy spirit 1

Good Morning Dear Friends ~

As I continue to read about the “Holy Spirit” I become to know my life ~
I hope by sharing these small tools about the Spirit it will help you in your life.

Today I share how the Spirit give us Faith ~
The Spirit pours faith into us. The tactics will be different from one person to another. It may be through a sermon, a worship service, a youth event, a song, a testimony, an act of kindness, a relationship of love, a struggle of conscience, a brush with disaster or insanity, a steady gradual series of changes, a blissful ‘peak experience’ moment, a shaken-up charismatic experience, or a whisper calling to you from inside. In that faith, we can be happy — even daring — in our relationships with other people, because the Spirit is working through us, and that will not come to naught.

This is very powerful.

Have a wonderful Sunday

Until next week~

Much love,


Update ~ Office/TV Room


Good Morning Friends ~

Hope you are all having a great Monday.  I now have my final picks for the New Office/TV Room.

The couch and material will be ~

The couch was found with the material I like, but the couch is a bit different.  I do not like the nail heads on the arms.  I love the simplicity of the Sarah Sleeper Sofa.


Material I will be using for the window treatments ~

The first picture will be 2/3 of the curtain – Great price $14.98 a yard but 108″ wide

The second picture will be the top 1/3 of the curtains – this is an antique table cloth I purchased from Etsy ~

The color of the walls will be ~



Well friends this is where we are right now.  This week we will be taking the large desk apart and hopefully pulling the rug up.

Wish us luck – I am getting a bit excited now – things are starting to happen.

Will post again when things get started.

Have a wonderful week.

Much love,


Sunday Reflexion


holy spirit~The Heart of the Spirit is in all of us ~

Good Afternoon My dear Friends~

I have been thinking of sharing something very personal with you all ~

This summer I have come to learned more about the “Holy Spirit” – I have been reading about (him/her) for a few weeks now.

The grace I have received is undeniable, and for this I want to share what I am learning.

My sister Cathy contacted me and said she thought it would be so wonderful to share this on my blog ~

One of the things I have read is ~

The Spirit’s Witness

The Spirit is at work, showing us what Christ has done, and how that makes a difference in what’s going on around us. The Spirit’s witness to Christ doesn’t function like a hypertext link. One doesn’t click one’s mouse or tap on the screen on the Spirit’s doings and get taken to the front page of Jesus’ Cyber-salvation Web Site. First of all, your mouse-clicking takes more initiative than you can take in restoring your relationship with God (or, in church-talk, it’s God’s grace in Christ’s work on the cross that saves you, not anything you do). Second, the Spirit leads us into Christ’s presence and Christ’s character, two things that don’t pop up on a screen and say ‘I’m here’. Then, the Spirit works to get our own Web Site to take on the character that others would recognize as Christ’s, for instance, by removing the annoying banner ads for the causes and ideas we’re stuck on, or the irritating pop-up windows with our excuses, or the sneaky spy cookies that gather the information we might want to use against others. The Spirit is trying to push this Body of the Scared past their fears into full contact with the rest of reality, especially with other people who are not aware of Christ, or who hear the Name and yawn.


“The Holy Spirit does his work by making Christ present among us, and Christ can do his work on earth only by being present in his Holy Spirit.”

I would like to make this a Sunday post – so all who are interested please tune in.

Have a wonderful and amazing day.

Much love,


Update on Office/TV Room


Update on Office/TV Room ~

We have been looking at different swatch samples, and I think we are going with neutral tones with a bit of navy.

I have a few updates and would love to share them with you.

The sleeper sofa ~ source ~

office 7

Not sure on the material yet, but it will be one of the below ~

The material swatches are free at Wayfair and Birch Lane

office office 6

The coffee table ~ source ~

office 8

And the rug ~ A bit of navy  ~ source ~

office 9

I will make the curtains, and the pillows for the couch.  I am using a drop cloth for the curtains, and will be stenciling a design onto it.  Not sure what stencil I am using yet.   I have a table cloth, and a pillow case I purchased from Etsy that will be incorporated into both the pillows, and the curtains.

office 3

For the curtains ~ source ~

office 2

Envelope pillow using this pillow case. ~ source ~

office 1

This will also be used in making the curtains.

More updates to follow in the next weeks

Have a wonderful weekend.

Much love,



New Look for our Dining Room



Happy Memorial Day Friends ~

For the past 2 weeks Pete has been working on putting up bead board wallpaper in our Dining Room & his office (Soon to be redecorated) post will be in late September.

Our Dining Room looked really nice before, but I brought the hutch back – I didn’t want to put it on the dark blue wall – dark wall – dark hutch – not so good.  With that being said Pete wallpapered, and put up chair rail molding.  I can’t believe the difference.  It makes the room look bigger which is great, because it’s not that big of a room.

The Before & the After ~

More of the After ~Dining Room 4Dining Room 5Dining Room 2Dining Room 3

As you can see we have not put the switch plates back yet.  We painted the wallpaper, and it is recommended to let it dry for a week before putting the plates back on.

The bead board wallpaper is ~ Martha Stewart ~ Home Depot

Chair rail also ~ Home Depot

The chair rail look like 6″ because he used 1-1/4″ molding on top & bottom and 3+” in the middle is the wall.  After painting it all white it appears to be 6″ molding.  Good trick I think.

Hoping your Memorial Day was wonderful.

Much Love,





Coastal Farmhouse Office/TV Room


Good Morning my friends ~

Today I am sharing my inspiration board for the new Office/TV Room we will be doing this fall.

We decided to do a coastal farmhouse look in this room ~ very different from anything I have ever done before.

We will be selling Pete’s desk.  It’s just too big for the new space.

We will be using this space for a TV Room/office/3rd bedroom ~ It’s a lot for one room, but I know we can pull it off.

We will be using a queen sleeper sofa

We are keeping it light and airy ~ like at a beach house.


For the floor, we found a great product ~ vinyl plank flooring at Home Depot.

Looked at a few YouTube videos, and it looks pretty simple ~

Hopefully it goes well for Pete.

office 5

Very beach like. I’d say ~

Here is the rug we choose ~

office 1

Quite nautical  – I love it.

Just a few pillows ~ Can’t have a couch without pillows I always say.

Now this is Coastal if I ever saw coastal.

Everything will be purchase at Wayfair ~ They have the best prices, and great merchandise.

Can’t wait to start this project, but first I will enjoy the summer.

Have a wonderful day.

Much love,



p.s. Pictures to come in late October.





The little bench


Good Morning Friends ~

I have had a few different designs by our front door.

Living in a condo has many many rules.  I know that they are necessary, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them.

There are 2 closets on either side of the entryway, and the BOD needs to be able to get into these closets without anything in the way.

So that being said I have tried and have failed 2x’s with my decor.

So we purchased this cute little bench, which by the way I love.



As I have said in my resent post it takes me a few tried before I get it right.  This was no different.  We get lots of wind in this little courtyard and the pillows kept falling over.  I went onto Pinterest looking for ideas, and came up with this one.  Finding this watering can was the answer.  It keeps the pillows in place by it’s long spout.

And, ……. the best part I only need this flower arrangement ~ any more flowers would be too much for this small space.

Just a few more pics of the little outdoor space.

outside 1outside 3


Pillow with flowers ~ Pottery Barn

Green & Cream pillow ~ Home Goods

Watering Can ~ Home Goods

Bench ~ Hobby Lobby

Flowers ~ Local florist

Have a wonderful sunny day.

Much love,