Our Home ~

A finished room

Hello friend ~

We have finished the Family Room ~

I am over the moon with these curtains

They were an Etsy find ~ I saw them on Pinterest, then decided to look on Etsy

I couldn’t believe I found them ~


The base of the curtains are hand crochet, she has so many hand made details ~ Beautiful work ~


You can see the details in this close up.

I am so happy with the results of this room

Just a few pictures of the entire room





This is taken looking into the Dining Room ~

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Much love,


Our Home ~

A beautiful shelf & a little bit of spring

Good Morning Friends ~

Over the weekend I went to visit my sister in PA.  – She made this beautiful shelf for me.  I love it Josie.

As you might be able to see it sits above the door to the deck.



A closer look ~~


Today my Pete installed it for me –  What a character ~


I decorated it, but very simple ~



And here is the little bit of spring –


Sweet little Easter eggs ~


I love how the shelf looks above the door, and I love the person who made it for me even more.

Thank you Josie for a wonderful weekend and this amazing shelf.


Much love,


Our Home ~

Update/Adding to Family Room

Good Morning ~

So I have been adding to the Family Room ~

Yes!!! so excited the rug came the other day.  We purchased a 3’x5′ rug because it sits on top of another rug, and we wanted just a little bit of color ~ I love it – just enough color.

Also I added a little ruffle to the runner on the table.


Oh!! and one more quilted ornament into the dough bowl ~

Only 2 more to go ~


Made this sweet little pillow ~

This material will also be the top to the curtains ~


Just a couple pictures of the entire room ~



Enjoy your day today.

Much love,



Our Home ~

Completing the Family Room

Hi All ~

We are almost finished with the Family Room ~

I am loving the blue & cream and removing all the floral ~ with just a few touches of red.

What is it about redoing a room – it seems like it always happens right after the Christmas decorations get put away.




As you can see we removed the ottoman and replaced it with the new black coffee table.  Also the rug was removed.  We purchased a new rug –



I have also picked our the window treatments.


They will be white on white.  I will be adding this material to the top for a larger ruffle –


I will also use this material for a small pillow on one of the chairs in this space.

I am also using it to make the quilted ornaments –



I have 3 more to make and should be completed by Friday.

I will be back with the completed room by end of February.

I am so happy with the way everything is coming out.

Hope you are staying warm –

Much love,


Our Home ~

Window Treatments & the Family Room

Hi Friends~

Sorry its been awhile since I posted anything onto my blog, but I have been recovering from surgery.

Everything is good, just taking a bit of time to heal.

We just took our Christmas tree down a few days ago, and you know how that goes.  Everything looks so empty.

So here we go again – rearranging furniture – Of course I could not touch anything.  Just told Pete where to put the furniture, and my saint of a husband made it look just right.

So this is what the Family Room looks like now.

Oh yes – new to the space is my recliner in the corner.


We ordered a new coffee table.


The ottoman will be leaving thank goodness.  The floral print has seen better day.  It is about 13 years old.  With the ottoman leaving, I now have to do new window treatments, as you can see the ottoman & valance are the same material.

Which brings me to why I started this post ~


I would like something totally different ~

I would have to say my style is French Country.

So I began looking on Pinterest for different curtain ideas.

I did purchase material from Shabby Fabrics, (below) and I have the original lace curtains to work with as well, but not sure what I am going to create.




Here are some of the curtains I like.


They all seem to be the same type of look, but with 3 different styles I am sure Barbara will have some great ideas.

Barbara is my friend who does all my window treatments.

Wish me luck.  When all is finished I will be posting the finished room.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Much love,




Our Home ~

Give Thanks Pillow ~

Good Morning Dear Friends ~

After making the runner for our Dining Room Table ~ I had a bit of material left over.

I couldn’t throw it away … SO … I made a pillow with the left over material.


I stenciled the words “Give Thanks” ~ put a piece of lace and some buttons ~

I love how it looks in front of the other pillows.


The little pillow saying “Home” found a new home ~  It now sits on top of the TV wall unit.


A few before & after pictures ~


~The Before~


~The After ~

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Much love,


Our Home ~

Fall 2016 & Hydrangea

Good Morning Friends ~

I started decorating a bit for the fall season ~ just a few pictures of the family room ~


I love this pumpkin ~ I purchased this years ago at Yankee candle ~

It looks so sweet at night when the candle is lit.

The fall mantle ~


A few close ups ~


I brought this last year from Michael's
I brought this last year from Michael’s
Full shot of the Family Room
Full shot of the Family Room
Pillow from Pottery Barn
Pillow from Pottery Barn

Now for the Hydrangea ~

I wanted to display these beauties perfectly, and I hope I did ~

I have a pretty blue & white umbrella holder ~ it is perfect.




The colors are beautiful.  Thank you so much Diane for these beautiful flowers.

After trimming them back there were a few little pieces left over.

The guest bedroom is green & pink – they look perfect in the room ~


A few more pictures of this sweet little basket.

Have a wonderful Monday ~

Much love,


Our Home ~

Office/TV Room Reviel

Hi Friends ~

Well it’s finally finished ………..YEA……….. and another beautiful job by my friend Barbara ~

She does the most amazing work ~ She made the curtains, and the pillows ~

I did the cross stitch & the quilted pillow, but she put it together for me.

office-31 office-30

The white pillow is from an antique embroider table cloth.  And of course Barbara found just the right place to put the embroider flower.


Purchased this on Etsy here is the link ~


I love how the curtains came out – I had a vision and she brought it to life.


How we did the window treatments:

Barbara  brought all ready made lace curtains.  She removed 16″ from the top of the curtains then attached the blue & cream material ~ almost making it look like a valance.


Thank you so much Barbara!!!

You always do the most amazing work.

Just a few more pictures of the finished room ~

office-33 office-32 office-28 office-27 office-26 office-25


Have a fantastic day.

Much love,


Our Home ~

Last update on the Office/TV Room

Hi Friends ~

One more update – everything is off the walls, and it’s happening ~ yes tomorrow starts the painting ~ So excited to see how it looks.

office 12

A few more shots of the empty walls ~


office 11

office 13

I know what you are thinking ~ “that looks like the color of her walls now”  It is so much softer and a better paint ~ It’s Benjamin Moore Shale ~ I love it ~

Also the material for the couch is behind the color swatch.

Good that I had a bit of time waiting for everything to be finished, because I have decided to add a bit of blue into this room too.

Two materials I like ~ I ordered 1 yard of each and will see which one looks best for the curtains.

I purchased this from an online store Craftsy best prices only $10.98 a yard and the 5″x 5″ squares were only $9.00  ~ you receive 42 squares.  This will be enough for a pillow and a few other projects for the room.


I also purchased the rug and the storage bench (using this as the coffee table and storage for the pillows and sheets for the queen sleeper sofa.)

The rug and storage bench were purchased at Wayfair ~




My next post will be a completed Office/TV room.

Till then –

Much love,


Our Home ~

Update on Office/TV Room

Update on Office/TV Room ~

We have been looking at different swatch samples, and I think we are going with neutral tones with a bit of navy.

I have a few updates and would love to share them with you.

The sleeper sofa ~ source ~


office 7

Not sure on the material yet, but it will be one of the below ~

The material swatches are free at Wayfair and Birch Lane

office office 6

The coffee table ~ source ~


office 8

And the rug ~ A bit of navy  ~ source ~


office 9

I will make the curtains, and the pillows for the couch.  I am using a drop cloth for the curtains, and will be stenciling a design onto it.  Not sure what stencil I am using yet.   I have a table cloth, and a pillow case I purchased from Etsy that will be incorporated into both the pillows, and the curtains.

office 3

For the curtains ~ source ~


office 2

Envelope pillow using this pillow case. ~ source ~


office 1

This will also be used in making the curtains.


More updates to follow in the next weeks

Have a wonderful weekend.

Much love,